Building a Lifelong Love of Learning, Health and Sustainability


As stewards of the land,

Our Village Community Center cultivates

togetherness and life-long learning

for all ages.

Our Vision

A sustainable, healthy community

through a new paradigm of intergenerational connections.


We strive for a village-like, diverse atmosphere

where the community comes to learn various skills and

experience nature firsthand.

“We will use the land to teach local ecology and how we can work to preserve it.”


Our Programs

Family Support/Early Childhood

We offer new parents support and give them vital family skills during the key prevention years 0-5. We offer a variety of important family programs such as parenting classes, nutrition support, parent and child classes, etc. This provides parents a space to make community connections that build a bridge of continued support and connection to resources through all stages of childhood through adulthood.


We invite the elders of our community to offer their skills and knowledge, not just to the youth, but to all of us here at Our Village Community Center. We recognize the great gifts our senior citizens have to pass along through their life long journey and lessons. We offer a place for them to teach these skills: woodworking, farming, basket making, pottery, beekeeping, oral storytelling, etc. Here at Our Village they have a space to be active and contributing members of our community and share their wisdom and skills in a nurturing and loving atmosphere.


We provide a safe space for community youth to gather and connect. A place where one can learn practical life skills and hands-on activities: textiles, woodworking, music, yoga, cooking, theater, childcare, animal care, gardening, etc. Our focus is to build healthy relationships with our youth. We aim to teach/mentor life skills and following tasks through to completion.

Land & Farm

Stewards of our lands: community members help keep the farm running. They help with the farm animals, the orchard, and with projects around the farm. We host family work parties and seasonal gatherings/festivals.


The five acres that is now the Our Village Community Center once belonged to “Farmer Ray” or the late Ray Alger. He lived on the farm and would invite Annie Thomas, her children and her preschool students to visit the farm. The children would visit the farm animals, pick apples and enjoy the land. Ray enjoyed his visits from the children each week before his passing and loved to watch the children use his farm for adventure time and exploration. He was happy to know his land would be preserved for the children of the Moab community.

Our Village Community Center


721 North 500 West
Moab, UT 84532